Low Code Rapid Application Development Platform for
Enterprise IT Teams & Professional Developers

  1. OREOPS developed as an internal tool for developing applications


    Oreops was developed as an internal software development (for windows based applications) and client version maintenance tool in 2012 in a company specialised in construction ERP and custom application development.

  2. OREOPS used company wide


    OREOPS is used as the primary development platform (low code tool) in the parent company for developing windows based applications. OREOPS begins serving customers in UAE, India, Kuwait, Jordan and other GCC countries.

  3. OREOPS for web launched


    OREOPS is re-built for web based applications. OREOPS can now be used web and mobile applications by professional developers working across geographies. A huge ERP is built on OREOPS that has 600+ screens and 190 processes supporting over 20,000 users.

  4. OREOPS as a separate entity


    OREOPS is spun off as a separate entity witnessing demand for low code platforms in the market. It has proven itself as a full-fledged low code Rapid Application Development platform for enterprises and professionals to develop applications. OREOPS acquires its second largest customer in the healthcare vertical.

  5. Team size increased to 20


    Oreops has it's own full stack engineering, product and quality team working on the product's roadmap. Gartner, Forrester and other research agencies predict low code market to boom.

  6. OREOPS goes cloud first


    OOREOPS has gone cloud first - need to download any studio/tool for developing apps and development teams can collaborate in real time from anywhere. Applications developed using OREOPS are cloud native and hence can be published on cloud of choice. OREOPS incorporates visual workflow and in-page flow features. 1-click deployment for apps is now enabled.

  7. OREOPS demo at GITEX 2019, Dubai


    OREOPS demos at GITEX 2019, Dubai as a Low Code Rapid Application Development Platform for Enterprises with plans to expand in the MENA region. OREOPS is being used to develop light apps, portals, workflow and reporting apps and extending integration with SAP ERP platform.

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