What is the pricing of OREOPS

We are in the process of opening up OREOPS for public access. Pricing will be revealed at a later stage. We intend to price it competitively.

You and only you. We do not have access to data used or flowing in and out of your applications. You can extract code from OREOPS anytime you wish to port out of the platform.

If you would like to engage us for developing applications, you can contact us at info@oreops.com. We do not have the domain specific knowledge required to develop the applications. We take assignments only if you can provide the business requirements.

First, we do not intend to close down as we have a bunch of stable customers who solely depend on our platfrom for their application development. Second, even if we were to close down, we intend to make the source code of our platfrom available to everyone. Moreover the applications developed in OREOPS are not dependent on it as you can extract the source code and run it anywhere.
We are in the process of finalising our roadmap. Once it if finished, we will share our roadmap in public so that users can plan adoption.