Build Engine & Source Code Extraction

  • Once the App design & development is done, click Build & Run once to generate Android / iOS builds of your App in seconds
  • Deploy the App you created in PlayStore or AppStore
  • Host the app from our servers and share with your network or be on your own
  • Download your ReactNative code for your app and be independent

Build any Application Visually

  • Create Static & Dynamic data Pages
  • Auto screen creation based on database linked
  • Automatically create CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) pages from data sources without manually creating database code for each page
  • Drag-Drop Inbuilt Data entry and Dashboard/Report components that connect to data source without writing any code
  • Add containers in pages (list for e.g. DIV, Panel, Grid, Tabs) to embed custom code frame
  • Automatically embed predefined processes like save, delete, accept, reject, email during page creation
  • Features continuously updated

Reports & Schedules

  • SQL query based reports can be created without coding
  • Report dashboards can be created and updated in real time for display
  • Inbuilt Charts & report display components for data visualisation
  • Report layout in responsive design for access in mobiles, tablets, etc
  • Customise the way you see a report and save the view to open it automatically next time
  • Reports generated automatically based on schedule and mailed
  • Summary and cross-table reports (Pivot charts)
  • Paging, sorting and download reports


Data Entry Forms

Drag Drop Prebuilt UI components (Auto Number, Button, Combo Box, Date Picker, DateTime Picker, Frame, Grid, Image Label, Number Control, SwitchButton, Text Box, Time Picker, Map, Portlet & more. Check our roadmap)

  • Preferences and customisation for each component (Name, Caption, size, visibility, validation, tooltip, length , default value, custom pattern validation (regex))
  • Customise each step and components displayed on the page according to data entered and user logged in (microflow)
  • Mobile enabled forms
  • Offline data entry (roadmap)

Cloud Database(roadmap)

  • Automatically create databases and tables based on forms needed to be entered
  • Rich data types supported
  • Performance and scale


Application Management

  • Versioning can be maintained for each page and procedures. Entire application version can be managed and restored
  • User logging is enabled for better analytics and security purposes
  • Localisation and personalization is enabled for application created to be changed according to the location accessed
  • Custom styles and UI can be created based on user's requirement


Create Nanoflows and Processes for the App

  • Create your own flow without any complex sequence of code
  • Use predefined conditions and call methods in the flow
  • Use various controls (startpoints, endpoints, connections, decision points, external flow points, list)


Emails & Notifications

  • Email notification, schedule and reminders
  • Custom and inbuilt Email templates
  • Trigger email on data change
  • Trigger email on process or workflow


End user Management

  • End user authentication based on our own database
  • Role configuration for users and permissions to access Menus and screens
  • Role driven menu group display, workflow and pages
  • Custom roles


Documents & Files

  • Document templates
  • Mail merge document templates
  • Real time document generation & scheduling


Integrate & Extend

  • Integrate virtually any application by using SOAP and REST based APIs
  • Extend your Custom / Off-the-shelf software such as SAP, Oracle ERP to create customised data entry and reporting pages
  • Custom code can be integrated in the application pages and triggers for further extension


Security & Compliance

  • Implement fine-grained access controls for users
  • Manage authentication and users from within OREOPS
  • Host on your own cloud / on-premise


Connect and integrate:

All without code

Integrate with any existing data sources / APIs/ Legacy systems

SOAP services

Bidirectional web sockets integration

Existing Schema

Zapier / SAP / IOT devices


Self serve devops process

In-built publish and deployment features makes up for devops specialists

Deploy on Oreops Cloud

Publish and deploy on our data centers to take full advantage of our platform

Deploy on Microsoft Azure

Publish and deploy on Azure Platform natively using your own account