Build any Application Visually

  • Create Static & Dynamic data Pages
  • Auto screen creation based on database linked.
  • Automatically create CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) pages from data sources without manually creating database code for each page
  • Drag-Drop Inbuilt Data entry and Dashboard/Report components that connect to data source without writing any code
  • Add containers in pages (list for e.g. DIV, Panel, Grid, Tabs) to embed custom code frame
  • Automatically embed predefined processes like save, delete, accept, reject, email during page creation
  • Features continuously updated

Reports & Schedules

  • SQL query based reports can be creating without coding
  • Report dashboards can be created and updated in real time for display
  • Inbuilt Charts & report display components for data visualisation
  • Report layout in responsive design for access in mobiles, tablets, etc
  • Customise the way you see a report and save the view to open it automatically next time
  • Reports generated automatically based on schedule and mailed
  • Summary and cross-table reports (Pivot charts)
  • Paging sorting downloading reports


Data Entry Forms

Drag Drop Prebuilt UI components ( Auto Number, Button ,Combo Box ,Date Picker ,DateTime Picker ,Frame ,Grid ,Image Label ,Number Control ,SwitchButton ,Text Box, Time Picker ,Map ,Portlet , More in our roadmap (link to roadmap) )

  • Preferences and customisation for each component (Name, Caption, size, visibility, validation, tooltip, length , default value, custom pattern validation (regex))
  • Customise each step and components displayed on the page according to data entered and user logged in (microflow)
  • Mobile enabled forms
  • Offline data entry (roadmap)

Cloud Database(roadmap)

  • Automatically create databases and tables based on forms needed to be entered
  • Rich data types supported
  • Performance and scale


Application Management

  • Versioning can be maintained for each page and procedures. Entire application version can be managed and restored
  • User logging is enabled for better analytics and security purposes
  • Localisation and personalization is enabled for application created to be changed according to the location accessed.
  • Custom styles and UI can be created according to the requirement of the user


Create Workflows & Processes for the app

  • Visually create multiple workflows
  • Startpoints, endpoints, connections, decision points, external flow points, list
  • Integrate external workflows, APIs, datasources


Emails & Notifications

  • Email notification, schedule and reminders
  • Custom and inbuilt Email templates
  • Trigger email on data change
  • Trigger email on process or workflow


End user Management

  • End user authentication based on our own database
  • Role configuration for users for permissions to access Menus and screens
  • Role driven menu group display, workflow and pages
  • Custom roles


Documents & Files

  • Document templates
  • Mail merge document templates
  • Real time document generation & scheduling


Integrate & Extend

  • Integrate virtually any application by using SOAP and REST based APIs
  • Extend your Custom / Off The Shelf Software such as SAP, Oracle ERP to create customised data entry and reporting pages
  • Custom code can be integrated in the application pages and triggers for further extension


Security & Compliance

  • Implement fine-grained access controls for users
  • Manage authentication and users from within OREOPS
  • Host on your own cloud on-premise