Our Crew

Meet the superheroes who are changing the way software is developed across the world

ArunRaj .M.B

Super Power: My Family, My Team & Self-confidence

Outside of Work: Cricket, Badminton & Movies

Baskar .M

Super Power: Make others happy, Self-confidence

Outside of Work: Cricket, Movies. Adventure travelling.

Mekilan .R

Super Power: Endurance & Strength

Outside of Work: Basketball, Gym

Gunasekaran .G

Super Power: Self Motivation & Confidence

Outside of Work: Movies and Books

Vinorajesh .R

Super Power: Creativity and Innovation

Outside of Work: Cricket and Photography

ManoRanjan .M

Super Power: Focus & Perseverance

Outside of Work: Travelling & Photography

Senthilkumar .V

Super Power: Positivity

Outside of Work: Playing with my daughter & playing Badminton

Saravanan .A

Super Power: Team Collaboration,Self Confidence & Time Management

Outside of Work: Surfing Internet & Watching Movies

Rupa .M

Super Power: Self Motivation & Confidence

Outside of Work: Interested in Craft

Ramani .S

Super Power: Self-confidence

Outside of Work: Cricket

Sathishkumar .K

Super Power: Ability to solve the problems

Outside of Work: Movies & Cards

Satheesh .S

Super Power: Creative Design & Team Support

Outside of Work: Drawing & Movies

Karthik .K.S

Super Power: Whatever happens being Myself

Outside of Work: Movies

SivaKumaran .A.P

Super Power: Team Co-ordination and Quality Analyst

Outside of Work: Agriculture & Cricket

Dineshkumar Velmurugan

Super Power: Observation, Speed

Outside of Work: Spending time with friends & playing cricket

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