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  • We understand that your data is essential to your business operations and to our own success.
  • We use a multi-layered approach to secure your information, constantly monitoring and improving our processes, services and systems.
Secure Data Centers

Our cloud services are deployed on secure data centres that have first class design and management in alignment with security best practices and a variety of IT security standards.

All data, including backups and redundant servers are located virtually. We do not replicate our servers across regions.

All our data at rest, including our databases, backups, read replicas and snapshots, are encrypted before stored.

We have no direct access to the actual database servers, which is fully managed by you.

Connection to our environment is done via encrypted protocols, ensuring that our users have a secure connection from their browsers to our services.

Individual user sessions are properly identified and verified on each transaction using a unique token created at login.

Our servers are deployed in a secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network divided in a public and a private subnet. All server processing and data storage takes place in private subnets with no direct access to the Internet. We also have strict firewall policies between the public and private subnets, making sure that traffic can flow only in specific directions, to and from specific ports, including strict firewall policies between the application and database tiers.

All traffic flowing out from our VPC goes through NAT instances which protects internal IP addresses from external hosts.

Our servers receive daily security patches to make sure they remain secure from new exploits. Password access to our servers and remote root logins are both disabled.

Backups are encrypted and performed daily and are available for up to 35 days.
We implement fine-grained security controls and follow the principle of least privilege. Multi-factor authentication enabled and master credentials are locked away and are not used for routine operational tasks.