Technical FAQ

Can I share Web Asset files to other applications?

When you upload a set of ‘Web Asset’ files to your application, you can make the whole set ‘Public’ or ‘Private’. You cannot set these visibility privileges individually to a single file. So, whatever you have set, it will be considered for all the ‘Web Asset’ files.

How are my log files written?

For each operation performed on the application, logs would simultaneously be written into two files, one which is OreOps-specific and the other, application-specific. Logs specific to your application would be given to the end-user only ‘On-Demand’.

Can I access the source-code of my application?

Source-code would be given out to ‘Enterprise’ customers only ‘On-Demand’.

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General FAQ

What are the deployment techniques provided?

Once the application is ready for release, you could deploy on-premise or on your private cloud. On request, we can help you decide your right cloud partner.

Would you add an extra feature specific to a single client?

We keep updating and prioritizing our roadmap according to user demand. Please share your requirements here.

Any urgent specific feature requirements can be custom developed with nominal charges.

How fast can I learn and start developing my application on OreOps?

OreOps is a tool built to minimize the efforts spent on developing an application. With some minimal development experience, you could develop a fully functional application within a few hours. 

If you’re a complete newbie, you can develop apps within a few days once you have read the manuals.

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