Plan. Design. Build. Deploy. Monitor.
All without code.

Visual Development

Drag-and-drop inbuilt User Interface components to create Pages, Data Forms, Report and Dashboards

Map your Workflow Processes with inbuilt connectors and validations

Dynamically generate each page component and event based on user and input using Microflows and Nanoflows(in-page validation).

Instant Previews. Rapid prototyping for your Proof-of-Concepts.


Integrate & Extend

Define Connectors for any data source, APIs and systems of record and map them to pages

Connect you existing schema and automatically generate Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) pages

Extend your existing Commercial Off-the-Self Software by creating fields and pages on top of them

Integrate virtually any software or ERP systems using APIs


Multi platform experience

Pages, Forms and Reports created are made responsive for Mobile and Web with a single code base

Generate Android/ iOS application files automatically

Enable offline data capture from the field (roadmap)


What can you do with OREOPS?

Digital Transformation

Manual paper based processes into digital workflows - with your existing data.
Immediately available on Mobile.

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Legacy App Modernisation

Create new User Interface (UI) for legacy Apps and make them interact with latest AI/ML systems.

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Not Just Workflows & Reports

Develop Core Applications required to run your entire business.
Create Triggers, schedules and workflows

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Digital Transformation Services

Automate and Win. Transform into a digital workplace.
Create apps for your vendors, clients and internal teams.
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Technologies Used