Digital Transformation, Legacy App Modernization, Not just Workflows & Reports

No need to write code / debug / patch update, Download source code of apps created, Extend and customize the apps with your own code (C#, ReactNative), Team Management and Source & Version Control.

Independent source code extraction and download for Web and Mobile

Data Connectors with function as a service (Payment Gateway, Direct SQL, Google Sheet etc..)

Independent business logics without writing any code

Micro Services and Inbuilt source management, App versioning and team management

Our history and experience in low code development – maturity of OREOPS as a platform

Connect to any Data source with API connectors, Integrate with Internal & External API data sources

Digital Transformation

Prepare your organisation for a digital future beyond just Business Process Management. Complete your entire IT backlog faster with OREOPS Low-code platform

Digitize Business Processes

  • Develop cloud native applications that automate your daily employee tasks
  • Use legacy data / systems of record to simplify how work gets done
  • Immediately access on Web & Mobile interfaces
  • Automate field force data entry
  • Digitize your entire customer journey from contact to closure

Light Apps for Customers, Vendors & Employees without involving your IT team

  • Customer Support Portals
  • Employee Engagement Portals
  • Supplier / Vendor / Partner Dashboards
  • Apps on top of your existing systems
  • Team & Department focused applications
  • Dashboards that pull data from your existing systems

Core Enterprise Applications

Full sized enterprise applications can also be developed and customised according to the client.
B2B Commerce Solutions and ERP systems and MIS applications have been developed by our clients involving:

  • Data Entry Screens
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Workflows
  • Reports
  • Schedules
  • Document Management
  • Rule Engine


OREOPS for Web App

Reusable universal components across the organisation

  • Drag & Drop inbuilt User Interface (UI) and workflow components
  • Share custom developed components across your team or organisation thus saving time to redevelop them
  • Save experienced developer time by enabling business users to create apps for themselves
  • 1-click deployments - no need of devops teams
  • Manage the entire SDLC with OREOPS
  • Maintain the application developed from within OREOPS

Technologies Used